back in Chicago...

I’m back!

I luckily missed the dreaded Chicago Winter just by a few weeks (-50 at its coldest this year… yikes) And with it, the reception of my new daily driver - the Leica M9.

Transported directly from Berlin, I was placed into contact with the wife of the largest Leica collector in Germany (whoa). And was given an awesome deal on this bit of kit, Leica M9 in mint condition with the Voigtlander 40mm 1.4. I am over the MOON.

To those curious, the Leica M9 (circa 2009) differs from modern day cameras in respect to it’s CCD sensor which offers beautiful color and “grain” patterns at the expense of dynamic range and low light capabilities.

In essence, if you work past this camera’s weaknesses you can achieve some incredible images that only need minor tweaking in post. I am still gobsmacked at the recent results. Below are some images of the camera, a couple shots from some model shoots, as well as a picture of three important individuals. From left to right, Dan Tamarkin (owner of Tamarkin Camera here in Chicago), Arina (the Leica collector’s wife with current success in her recent photographic project “Perfect Life”), and Greg Rubenstein (OG Leica photographer with the most amazing Chicago “cloudscapes” you’ve ever seen)

Cheers to many more images with this beautiful german companion. Happy day ~

_DSF3009 copy.jpg