Dragons, dancers, unicyclists oh my!

The Honolulu Festival marked it’s 25th anniversary this weekend filled with an assortment of guests (many japanese) parading in dance, vintage hot rods, and samba dancing! 

Plus, have to note the ensemble of gradeschool japanese girls UNICYCLING in a whirlygig group. Many ending up walking their unbalanced contraptions down the street lol

And whats a parade without some shots of the crowd. Always able to find a character somewhere! 

And to end the evening, what better than a Nagaoka Firework display -off of Waikiki.

Happy day 🤙🏼





Hawaii is a small place.

But I would have never guessed my paths would cross famous tattoo artist and icon, Ed Hardy.

Working at the Breadshop in Kaimuki with my sister on deck as the pastry chef, I found my days chatting with customers about the very carbs we sell. During an awkward confrontation with a customer who passive aggressively noted that she drove very far to purchase our bread only to be slightly frustrated we didn’t have the style she was looking for… what a shame. Ed Hardy pops his head in, “Do you guys have Pumpernickel?”

“Sorry, all sold out,” I say. Then gears turn, hamsters spin, and I quickly stop him before he runs!

Here’s a quick selfie with the man himself, as well as a pretty shot of the sis with cutest darn calamansi citrus you never heard of (I never at least).

Happy day.


Iolani Palace

The famous Iolani Palace. It’s beauty only mirrored by a dark past - filled with deception and disease onto the peaceful Hawaiian people. Worth a visit or at least a read online.

Spark Notes: Widowed Queen Kapiolani was overthrown by the American people and imprisoned in her own palace. The building was then dismantled and ill-cared for during it’s time as a legislative office. Only in recent years, the palace has finally been restored back to it’s original (and maybe even better) glory.

(Picture below is not of the palace but of a satellite building)


Made it to the island...

Its been too long. Quick update.

I’m currently staying with family in Oahu. The humidity has already been forgotten and today is the first day I finally got to venture into town. From a borrowed family bike, I quickly learned that not all of Honolulu is bike friendly, seems I have to get my bearings before riding out again. I also consistently forget to take out my camera. Its bad. So here is an iphone shot of the sunset. Wishing you warmer weather Chicago ~

ps there are beekeepers & peacocks in hawaii


Warm lights, cold days

Goodbyes are tough- I find, as my last days draw near. I work in a rennovated bicycle factory which looms beautifully over Humboldt park. Wandering through the vacant rooms, I caught some of the warm light from filtering through the building. It has never seen so beautiful as it has today...





With loud horns blaring from a Toys for Tots motorcycle ride, I ran into this woman carrying her corgi down Rockwell. I felt unease as she struggled to carry her luscious lump of fluff. I quickly thanked and bidded her farewell. I hope you arrived at your destination safely Sarah.




And so it begins...

To mark my first post, I think some reminiscing is quite appropriate. During one of our trips out to the roof to catch the last of the summer rays, I scrambled to grab my camera to capture this shot. The red of his hat with a blue sky backdrop and yellow, warm sunlight made for such a perfect summer image. One of my all time favorites -