The end of summer, the end of her

I guess not all things are mean’t to be.

Heartbreak has hit me at many moments in my life, and right now my heart burns cold. After a 7 year absence from my life, a former crush re-entered, quickly weaving into my world and resting deep. Hand-written letters and hours-long phone conversations built a relationship that felt months longer than it had been. A trip was planned to see her and before I knew it, I landed in Atlanta, braving the heat to see this crazy girl I knew so long ago.

But I guess all things are not mean’t to be. She has some healing, I have some growing. All I can hope is that the universe has a larger plan for us. Either together or apart.

I have to remind myself that my life is not distinguished by another, it has never been and never will. My near future will be finding a path that best resolves these sores in my heart, and looking for permanent solutions and not patches.

I need to learn to live before I can love.

The Chicago sky seems darker right now, but the day will burn brightly once more. One day.

Images shot with Leica M9 / Leica Summicron 35 F2

Images shot with Leica M9 / Leica Summicron 35 F2