Hawaii is a small place.

But I would have never guessed my paths would cross famous tattoo artist and icon, Ed Hardy.

Working at the Breadshop in Kaimuki with my sister on deck as the pastry chef, I found my days chatting with customers about the very carbs we sell. During an awkward confrontation with a customer who passive aggressively noted that she drove very far to purchase our bread only to be slightly frustrated we didn’t have the style she was looking for… what a shame. Ed Hardy pops his head in, “Do you guys have Pumpernickel?”

“Sorry, all sold out,” I say. Then gears turn, hamsters spin, and I quickly stop him before he runs!

Here’s a quick selfie with the man himself, as well as a pretty shot of the sis with cutest darn calamansi citrus you never heard of (I never at least).

Happy day.