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Who I am…

Hello, my name is Spencer Morgan, a Northern California native who found himself lost in the wonderful city of Chicago. I moved to the Windy City with the simple goal of further pursuing my love of photography.

Along my quest, I have had the pleasure of meeting some incredible photographers who have added insight & creativity to my own work. I strive to bring these experiences, combined with my excitement for people, to produce a comfortable and rewarding environment for those I work with.

My focus…

My main goal is to bring candids to the light of day. I enjoy catching micro moments that freeze time, moments that cannot be recreated or recaptured. That is the magic that is photography, and the reason I stay so impassioned.


Wedding & event photography has captured my heart these past recent years, and has been my central ambition, purely run on the enjoyment of working with others. I have found people’s enthusiasm for life & love instills a deep desire in myself - to capture these moments.

My current personal projects revolve around street photography in the form of candid city portraits. I have found a curious-curiosity for capturing strangers that catch my eye. You can follow some of my adventures via my blog, or see my past work “Peep-hole” a zine I produced late 2018 in the “Projects” tab.

I love photography, I love people, and I hope I can share my passion with you. Thanks for stopping by -



"Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work"

- Gustave Flaubert